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News - The Childrens Society (TCS) shopServer e-shops

shopServer International is happy to be associated with The Childrens Society in providing their online e-shops. So far, four shopServer e-shops have gone live. They are:

Winter 2004 The TCS Event's Team online registration e-shop, enabling you to apply online for all the TCS exciting events in 2005 and 2006, including overseas treks and running events. This e-shop can be reached via http://events.shopserver.biz.

Spring 2004 The TCS Bookshop e-shop, providing the sought after TCS specialised books. This e-shop can be reached via http://tcsbooks.shopserver.biz.

Winter 2003 The TCS Christingle e-shop, for the highly supported Christingle campaign. The 2003/2004 funds raising campaign raised over £1,000,000 for this worthy cause. The current 2004/2005 campaign is surpassing all expectations and should substantially increase on last year's runds. This e-shop can be reached via http://christingle.shopserver.biz.

Winter 2003 The TCS Christmas card e-shop, offering a wide range of quality Christmas cards, including the option for personalised festive greetings. The 2003 and 2004 fund raising has been highly successful, with an increase in demand of over 100%. This e-shop can be reached via http://tcs.shopserver.biz.

Please note that the Christingle and Christmas card e-shops are updated with each new season's offerings. Watch out for new TCS eshops during the coming 2005 year.