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The price for a specific shopServer B2B and B2C project is open to negotiation. The typical charge rates for our work are shown here. Naturally, the price for developing a solution depends on the scope of the work specified and agreed.

Compared to solutions based on competing products you are most likely to find our prices and especially the time-to-market extremely attractive.

If online selling is a key part of your e-business strategy you should give the shopServer Enterprise Edition serious consideration.

Price - excl. VAT
graphic design
50 per hour
website development
25 per hour
e-business consultancy
70 per hour
e-business solution design and development
70 per hour
e-business training
70 per hour
Project Management
40 per hour
Program Management
70 per hour
standard web hosting
240 per year
domain name registration (typical)

These prices are indicative only and do not include VAT.